Becoming a Home Healer or a Green Witch

It is in your DNA to become a Home Healer or Green Witch, as all of your ancestors had a working knowledge of the plants around them and practiced the art of living in balance with the earth. Becoming a Home healer is learning how to use healing plants and common sense home therapies to help their friends and family with their general health needs. 


Anyone can learn to become a home healer. There seems to be an idea that one must know fifty herbs or so, which will apply to become a practicing herbalist, but for most people knowing fifteen to twenty herbs really well will generally suffice to serve your family's needs. The best way to learn the herbs is through your senses and direct application instead of memorizing pages and pages of text. You can learn everything you need to know about herbs by using your senses of taste, smell, sight, touch and inner listening.  


As a home healer, you will need to make herbal remedies such as tinctures, syrups, teas, decoctions and more but trust me; it is easy with some instruction. You will also need to learn how to administer these remedies, and again not hard to learn.


It is important to remember the herbs you will be using are considered generally safe, or they would be locked behind the pharmaceutical counters! These herbs have been used for centuries by the common folk with good results. 


Many home therapies or old wives' remedies can be learned and utilized. For example, my grandmother would put me in a tepid bath if my fever was too high and give me elderflower tea with some honey to cool me down. If you had a toothache, clove oil was applied until a dentist could be seen.


Making salves and infused oils for the many complaints is a must and so much fun. There are salves for sore muscles, strains, arthritis, sciatica, scrapes and cuts, burns, bites, poison ivy, and so much more.


Home healers can walk in nature or outside their front doors for remedies—wild violet syrup for coughs or dandelion root for making digestive bitters to aid digestion and relieve gas. 


You can grow your herb garden in pots on a patio or balcony or a garden that will provide many of your herbal needs. It is gratifying to see your homegrown herbs drying in your abode, ready for use when your family needs them. 


I know this sounds like a lot to learn, but if you start with baby steps and learn a little at a time, you will be amazed at how soon you will begin to feel competent. Becoming a home healer is a lifelong journey of learning and self-satisfaction! Not to mention the money you will save!  


There seems to be a consensus for us to get back to the earth and become more self-sufficient, and these skill sets are essential and a whole lot of fun!


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