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FREE Written In Stone Course

In this introduction, we begin getting to know the Stone Beings through working with Clear Quartz, Purple Amethyst, Rose Quartz and the native element, Copper; four very friendly stones who are well-acquainted with humans. We will take a look at Quartz and explore what its role really is here is on our planet.


We will learn how the individual frequencies of the Stone People align with the human energy centers or major chakra system and how they can assist us in strengthening, supporting and re-ordering our own energies. We will also explore different ways that we can cleanse our stones and crystals to keep them clear of clutter. If you are new to working with stones and crystals you will benefit greatly from this introduction course.

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About the Written in Stone Courses 


I've chosen to call this series of courses 'Written in Stone' because as you will learn when you take the class, the innate abilities and characteristics of each of the Stone Beings really is written into their very make-up.


Join us in delving deeper into the realms of the Stone Beings and you will come away from this series of courses with the ability to effectively work with stones and crystals to assist in realigning and balancing your own personal energies. You’ll know how to lay stones on the body to assist family, friends, and even your pets!


You will learn how stones can enrich your everyday life and assist with issues and concerns in your own healing journey. 


How to use them for channelling, manifesting, dreaming and more are covered, but perhaps most importantly, you will develop intimate relationships with many of the Stone People, who are just as eager to get to know you as you are to learn about them! They will never be 'just rocks' again. 


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About Cindy Fougere

Of all of the teachers and mentors I’ve had throughout my life, by far, my greatest teacher has been the Earth, herself. Over two decades ago I developed an avid interest in flower essences, following the lead of of Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra Garden in Virginia, and I soon learned all about co-creative gardening.


I was so taken with the idea of consciously and intentionally creating with the Earth that I quickly established my first gardens. In a heartbeat, I became a student of Earth, working alongside the Stone People, the Water Beings, the Tree Dryads, the breezes and winds of the Elementals, Devas, Fairies and all!


From the moment I made the commitment to walk this magical path, Earth energies seeped into every corner of my life and they continue to amaze me, guide me, and most importantly, teach me how to be a human being.


Much of the material in my courses that I am offering comes from the Stone Beings themselves, relayed to me through the Council of Elders. The Council of Elders are a collective of loving beings of light who have been offering guidance to those of us on Earth who have asked for assistance. 


Red, as we call him, provides the voice for the Council, bringing much knowledge and understandings to us, as he speaks through my good friend, Krow.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Red and the Council of Elders for two decades and counting, deepening my understandings of these fascinating beings, the Stone People, and it is from this body of knowledge that I would like to share with you, this first series of courses.