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How to Use Oracle Cards- FREE

Learn to work with Oracle cards for personal guidance and fortune telling! 

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A banner of Tarot cards including The Magician, The Fool, The Empress, The lovers and more

The Magical Journey of the Tarot

The unfolding patterns of the Tarot peek out as we gain meaning to see our way illuminats a gift and a responsibility, the reading of cards.


Tarot is a story of the unfolding of humanity, a way to understand the ineffable, a way to help and heal that has been used for thousands of years.  This is an in-depth course that evolved out of the in-person class I have taught for 30 years.


Every card and combination is explored in practical hands on ways that allow the deep intuitive understandings to settle into personal knowing. You will be a darned good card reader by the end of this class, able to use the Tarot for personal development and understanding as well as on behalf of those who ask for your help.


You can go at your own pace as the course is self regulated, but I am available for support and questions throughout.
Coming soon! 


In Person Classes can be arranged for you and your group.

Public classes will be posted here as they come up. 

Past Life Regression

An interactive exploration of other times and places!

Gateways of Discovery

Krow facilitates this three day workshop, bringing decades of experience in past life regression work 

teaching the technique she has developed for past life remembrance.


There is so much more than we know, so much to remember and explore about ourselves.


Phobias, patterns, relationships, talents and knowledge, the roots are often found in the past.

Working with this technique,  we explore our own soul’s history and learn to assist friends or clients towards healing and understanding of their own soul experiences!


Soul retrieval in it’s truest sense, a healing, adventure of self awareness on the broadest level of experience.

Undo patterns carried from the past and explore 'between lives' for greater clarity and understanding of your purpose and desires for your current incarnation.


The earth is not the limit for this kind of work! Neither is the sky!

We have used this technique to explore other planetary and dimensional existences and 'time' spent in spirit 'between' lives. There is so much more than we know, so much to remember and discover about ourselves. 


Come learn how to time travel in a very safe and supportive environment.


Books provided!

Classes are small and intimate.

Cost is $500.00

Accomodations and meals are extra and dependent on the facilities available.


If you wish to host a Past Life Regression workshop, you will need 6 or 9 participants including yourself.

Contact Me!   The host's payment is waived.


Healing the Ancestral Lines

Ho'Oponopono and the Art of Forgiveness

Join us for an interactive day of forgiveness on the deepest levels we can collectively reach. 


In Weavers of Light, a Channeled book of Knowledge for our Changing Times, one of the things we are asked to look at is how we have created the tapestries of our lives, to be aware of our ancestral or genetic lines & the societal fabrics we wove together. 


We are encouraged to take responsibility for our part, and on behalf of our ancestors. It is not an easy thing to do, as we are all so used to the blame/shame/guilt triangle, that it is hard to get past that, to enter that state of grace and heal. Disharmony & discomfort is held on to, sometimes due to ancestral wrongs, or societal wrongs, but it is still carried on by us, as individuals. 


To undo the entanglements, we must choose to take responsibility for the threads we hold, & untangle them back to love. Sometimes this involves unwinding, or unweaving. It seems we are running back through the same issues over & over.  Sometimes we are caught in a loop, but sometimes, I believe, we are untangling, separating our thread from the tangled ball of history. I think of undoing tangled chains, or ropes, how often just loosening that one piece can begin unraveling it all. 

In this course we will also work with Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian healing tradition that "undoes" the threads that cause disharmony in our lives. A powerful tool of reconciliation that was taught to me by traditional Kahunas Harry & Sila Jim, and from whom I have been given permission to teach.


This technique involves using statements of historical power on their own, but when our conscious intention is behind it, without guilt, or shame or fear, it is an extremely powerful tool of change. 


Wherever hurt, anger, resentment or judgment has held your life hostage, wherever hatred has the world firmly in its grip, we can resolve and learn how to change old patterns of thinking. 


Join us as we ‘undo’ threads for ourselves, for our ancestors & the collective societies we make up. 

We will play with vision, intention & each other to resolve past, present & future conflicts, for our highest purpose, highest healing & highest truth. 


Be prepared for some emotional intensity as we open ourselves to past & future, as conduits of responsible healing, and be prepared for positive change in your life, & in the world around you. 


Krow Fischer will be facilitating this ‘full participation’ workshop. 

Krow is an internationally known psychic medium who has been practicing Ho’Oponopono for many years, with some interesting personal results!  She has been taught some of this body of work by Harry & Sila Jim, Traditional Hawaiian Kahuna, & shares this knowledge with gratitude and respect. 

If you ever need an excuse to travel to Hawaii, or wherever they are teaching, check out some of Harry & SIla’s upcoming classes at 


Cost is $ 200.00

If you wish to host a Healing The Ancestral Lines workshop, you will need 10 to 30 participants including yourself. The host's payment is waived. Contact me!   


Understanding the Chakras

Learn about the system of energy exchange that makes us unique living beings! Experience your own chakra system how it works and how you can work with your personal energy fields for health, creativity, awareness and manifestation!


Learn to balance the interrelationship between your chakra centers to create a strong system within yourself.


Learn to see where you are blocked, practice opening, releasing and clearing these eddies so your river of life flows clear.


We will be working hands-on with psychodrama and practical exercises to get those chakras moving!


Krow Fischer brings her extensive training and understandings as facilitator.


Books Provided.  

Pre-registration Required! Cost is $200.00


If you wish to host a Chakra workshop, you will need 8 participants including yourself. The host's payment is waived.  Contact me!

Communication with Spirit

This is a weekend long Intensive "Full participation required" workshop!  


Orientation & introduction Friday night prepares us to spend all day Saturday and Sunday opening ourselves up to our natural gifts in a safe, professional environment.


Developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, teleolfactance (psychic sense of smell) and many other gifts yet to open, we will explore our foundations at the beginning of creation and see how we are evolving as the wondrous, beautiful beings we are created to be!


Learn to see energy fields and visions from beyond this realm, learn to send and receive messages, learn to work with dreams and visions and feel with our intuitive selves.



We as humans being are 'hard wired' to communicate on so many more levels than we have developed. 

As so many of us are ready to evolve, it is time we take a weekend to begin this amazing growth.  There is lots to learn and develop lying dormant within ourselves, just waiting for the opportunity and guidance to open.


Krow brings her many talents and skills in this field to share and the possibilities are as vast as the universe offers us.


Come and open up some new doorways  in a safe, supportive and professional atmosphere.


Books and  tools provided! Cost $500.00

Accomodations  and meals extra depending on the facilities.


About Krow

Psychic, Channeller, Medium, Mystic, Teacher  

Krow Fischer 

An 'inter dimensional communications specialist', aka deep trance channel, I have been working as a medium with a group we call the Council of Elders for over thirty years, this lifetime. 


Born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry, probably inherited trough my maternal grandmothers lineage, I have spent my entire adult lifetime developing and utilizing these gifts in service to humanity and the Earth. 

I am so grateful to have had such amazing teachers, in spirit and incarnate! 


I've been teaching the stuff I learned for over 30 years through in-person courses, workshops, classes, lectures and the written word. Now, many of those classes are available to everyone online through the Here On Earth Academy. There are more in the works!


Whether it is a refresher you are looking for, or you are a first-time student here, I know you will enjoy the mind-stretching offered in my practical and enlightening classes.