About Us

The Teachers

An eclectic group of Healers, Seers, Dreamers & Mystics from both sides of the veil fulfil the Here On Earth Academy faculty. 


Wendolyn Murdoch, Healer, Herbalist, Lightworker and teacher, shares her in-depth knowledge of the plant world and the magic of lightwork from her decades of service to health and wellbeing.  


Cindy Fougere, dreamer, teacher, essence maker, and stone and crystal aficionado, brings years of deep personal experience with stone and crystal work for your growth and enjoyment.


Krow Fischer, mystic, channeler, medium, teacher, psychic and whatnot, takes her many decades as a teacher into the online realms with fun, knowledgeable DIY classes on various interesting topics.


The Council of Elders is a group of teachers in spirit whose leading voice through Krow's channelling gift is known as 'Red'. The Council's recordings and teachings have inspired and informed all the classes offered at our Academy. They have a few of their own lessons to share as well! Check them out! 



Here On Earth Academy's goal is all about sharing a legacy of knowledge gleaned through decades of study with the Council of Elders, the Earth and life itself.


Practical experience has grounded knowledge into wisdom for these grandmothers & grandfathers who teach at the Academy and our dedication is to the earth and the advancement of balance and harmony between humans and all our relations.


We are here to offer support in building a better world

for all of us, Here On Earth.