The Witches Buffet 

Have a Taste -Free Courses

Written in Stone 


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Minimalist Herbalist 


 Our Relationship to the Animals

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Bite Size -Mini Courses $30 -$50.00

Connecting with Spirit Guides


Written in Stone Courses 

$30.00- $35.00

Elemental You! 

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Belief Busting 


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Family Salve Kit


Over Fifty Salve Kit


          Entrees - Full Course Meals - $100.00 plus

Becoming a Home Healer Series

Language of Plants

Winter Wellness Course

Digestive Wellbeing

Understanding the Tarot

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The Council Collection Series - audio lessons 

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Understanding the Earth  

Death & Dying

Strange Stuff in the Universe

Love, Sex & Relationships

Our Planet, Our Mother

Earth Wisdom

Earth Song

Climate Change

and more



Crossing Over

The Afterlife


Civilizations of the Universe

Elves & Fairies

UFOs, Aliens and Orbs

Ghosts, Ghouls and Hauntings

Parallel Universes



Sacred Sex


The History of Incarnation

About Being Human

The Origins of the Universe

Children of the Creators

Ancient Civilizations



Body Consciousness


Mental Wellbeing

The Unconscious Mind

Evolution of Psychic Development