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Belief Busting

Red & The Council of Elders

Straightening out the lies of indoctrination

In their humorous and compassionate way, the Council addresses some of the belief systems we carry that entrap us in dysfunctional thinking. 

When templates of understanding are erroneous, the beliefs we act out can be damaging to ourselves, our communities and the planet herself. That sure is obvious in today's world! 

This fun class takes a look at the misunderstandings that continue to be regurgitated in our modern world, helping us see clearly the ties that bind us. Critical thinking is engaged as we delve into straightening the lines of misunderstanding to find our clear truths buried beneath.

Those 'Aha!' moments the Council are famous for evoking punctuate the lively learning curve offered in their course on busting problimatic beliefs. 

Success * Forgiveness * Unconditional Love * Soul Mates * Meant to Be * Soul Contracts * Mind Over Matter *.. are some of the concepts they cover in this 'rethink your core beliefs' course, offered by Red & The Council of Elders in co-operation with Krow & Wendolyn

About Red & the Council

Red & the Council of Elders

The Council of Elders have been in service as teachers and advisors for humanity for thousands of years, offering timeless insight and expertise from Spirit in a myriad of ways.


We have deep trance channel Krow Fischer to bring through the Council's teachings for our Academy. She has been working with them for over 30 years, this life.


The collective knowledge and wisdom of The Council has been invaluable to the thousands of people who have studied their teachings, read their book or have experienced personal or group sessions over the decades they have been working with Krow.

Their brilliant insights and teachings have been foundational in many courses, lectures and books broadcasting out in today's world. They have certainly been mentors for the incarnate teachers in the Here On Earth Academy.

 We are so very pleased to offer their courses here.