About the Language of Plant Course


The Green Path is the way of naturalists, herbalists, wise women, wise men and all who are interested in the land of green; trees, plants, herbs, mosses, grasses, etc. To follow the Green Path is to experience the wonderment of the diversity of this living green world. 

These individuals would have been called Green Witches, Cunning Folk or Folk Healers to acknowledge their healing skills and plant knowledge in the days gone by. These green healers followed the practice of living in harmony with the earth. 


The Language of Plants is part of the Home Healer Series. It is a stand-alone course teaching you through your senses how to learn about the plants in a more profound way than just reading about them and memorizing their medicinal properties. 

This course is a sensory adventure where you will taste, feel, smell, see and journey into the ways and wonders of the plant kingdom. To fully understand an herb and its healing potential is to observe and translate its unique language fully; you might call it the decoding of nature herself.

This decoding of nature is done by observing the many ways the plants can speak to us from the shape and colour of their flowers, roots, and leaves, when they bloom, the environment they grow in and much more. By the end of this course, you should be able to engage with an herb and make an educated guess as to its potential medicinal use. 


This course is self-directed and done at your own pace, with me available to you for questions, comments, guidance, and there are quizzes and homework which I oversee.


So let's have some fun and get our hands dirty!

The Language of Plants Course

The Language of Plants Course


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Language of Plants Lesson Outline

#1 Introduction


Course Outline

Materials Needed



#2 About Plants- Part One

Doctrine of Signatures

Plant Intelligence 

Plant Worksheets






#3 About Plants - Part Two




Poisonous Plants

Medicinal Parts

Collecting & Harvest


#4 Plant Families





Weird & Wonderful


#5 Using your Senses- Part One
        Our Five Senses

Sense of Taste

Sense of Smell


#6 Using your Senses - Part Two

Sense of Sight




Sense of Touch

Sense of Inner Listening


#7 Herbal Energetics

Hot/ Warm





#8 Final Steps

Final Steps


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Can I get a refund? 

        Yes, you have two weeks from purchase to get your money back.


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Are you available for questions and comments?

         Yes, either through the Comment section on the first page of the course or through email.


Is this a certified course?

         No.  Actually the study of Herbalism is not recognized.

The Language of Plants Course

The Language of Plants Course


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